“Whoever found a friend, found a true treasure” – as the proverb goes. Since September 2018, when the House came under new management, its development would not have been possible without a huge and disinterested support of our big–hearted Friends. These are the people who regularly, voluntarily and with great joy work for the Polish House Station. With their help, we were able to carry out renovations, run music projects and numerous events for children without accepting a single penny. The Polish House Station is growing in strength with real friendships like these which are formed while working and laughing together

We want the contribution of the Friends of SDP to go down in the history of our 60–year–old Polish community centre which is our pride for generations to come. Our group is open and will be delighted to welcome any new member who wants to create the future with us, because as we know – together we can do more!


Mateusz Nawieśniak

He must have stood in every possible queue in heaven for talent. A reliable specialist in renovation and construction works, musician, singer, bartender, a real friend and an honest person. A rebel by choice but gifted with a real sense of humour who makes each meeting with him is a real celebration.

Piotr Parandowski

A man as hard as rock but with a great heart and an even greater sensitivity. A specialist in renovation and construction works with the soul of an athlete. Former basketball player for “Zagłębie Sosnowiec”, volleyball player and swimmer with medals. Reliable as Zawisza, sings like Rodowicz.

Izabela & Grzegorz Wróbel

Iza (a volcano of energy and ideas) + Grzegorz (a mainstay of peace and diligence). This couple is a perfect blend of optimism and resourcefulness, a neverending source of love for their children, their many friends and the polish House despite their many duties. She is a kids play animator & he is an MOT mechanic.

Justyna Urbaniak

Capable, brave, hardworking, inventive, resourceful, she shares time between family, work and friends. Her veracity and persistent pursuit of goals make all her projects come true. Privately, a mother of an adult son and professionally the owner of a company that gives new life to old furniture.

Iwo Jakubowski

A man of many talents. He supports the Polish community in overcoming barriers related to social living, careers and education. Experienced in interpreting regulations and various complexities of life in the UK. Those who assume there is no positive inventiveness inside, are wrong. Sensitive, committed and ready to listen.

Zbiegniew Wereszczyński

A true one man band. A member of Fynnius Fogg, gifted with a beautiful rock voice. A great guitarist, businessman, but most of all a husband, father and grandfather. He spent his whole life in England, but his heart is Polish. He is a great patriot and a longtime director of the Polish House Station who is actively involved to this day.

Artur Smoła

A mainstay of peace, sensitivity, a man filled with love for people, animals and music. By day, a manager – electronics technician – in an international company, but in the evenings – DJ Vasyl, who can seduce any crowd. A guarantor of good both fun for children and adults. A man to be always counted on.

Monika Witkowska

Wonderful, reliable and a true friend. A girl with a claw who knows what she wants from life. She has a good heart sensitive to human harm. She loves people, that’s why she is a good organizer, social worker and a guarantor of fun and smile during games for children and adults.

Grzegorz Kowalewski

Our pride and joy, a star that shines brighter and brighter not only in Bedford skies. Under the hard façade of a thoroughbred rapper, there is a sensitive heart ready to help everyone. The father of a wonderful daughter, an exquisite cook and a true friend who is always there for you for good and bad.

Wiola Miądowicz

A beautiful and strong voice that carries great sensitivity. During her concerts one is truly be moved by that emotional depth. She conjures up magic with every stage performance. A great organizer as well who professionally approaches all tasks that she deals with both privately and professionally.

Piotr Honisz

For a strict and efficient mind like his, finance is the element. A born athlete, Latino dancer, cook, and bartender who can satisfy every palate. Always positive, cheerful and supportive. A true mate in love and friendship.

Ela Walenda-Kozimińska

A photographer with a unique personality. Privately – a wife and mother of two, a sensitive, wise and beautiful soul which likes traveling and hiking. Professionally – a specialist in wedding, portrait and family photography. She is always there to capture the Polish House Station’s important events.

Piotr Tkaczyk

Capable, hard–working, committed to the task he undertakes. He loves music and is gifted with a beautiful voice which is why not once did he perform as both the DJ and singer leading karaoke crowds. His sensitive soul combined with honesty and diligence makes him as reliable as Sir Bedivere.

Łukasz Gołuch

Without his presence, Bedford would be much poorer as his passion is empowering others. Undoubtedly, he is a man with a huge heart and sensitivity. We are proud that many important events in Bedford were organized by our compatriot, a committed social activist and organizer of events for children and adults alike.

Monika Nawieśniak

It’s hard to believe that there are so many talents in one person. She knows about renovations, finances, plays the guitar very well, sings wonderfully, dances salsa & bachata, is an extraordinary bartender and above all a loving sister, a sensitive creature, an exceptional friend.

Ewa Jankowska

Robert Miniewski

Damian Panka

Filip Hawryś

Marcin Czaderna

Kasia Komaniecka

Roland Jabłoński

Magdalena Gołuch

Robert Lalor

Angita Scapini

śp. Chris Robinson

Javier Jacome

Alison Jane Sawford

Claire L Gale

Peter Cmoch

Aneta Cmoch

Adam Biały

Jacek Wnękowicz

Daniel Dynak

Ewelina Wachnicka

Łukasz Dybikowski

Angelika Badowska

Maciej Stefaniak

Michał Wnękowicz

Karolina Pisiakowska

Iwona Geneja

Dorota Schwalkowska

Paulina Wach

Gosia & Emir

Arkadiusz Pruchniak

Aleksandra Krysiak

Michał Domarus