What we do

As in the past, and now, we organize events that aim to integrate, provide entertainment, promote Polishness and exchange intercultural experiences through dance, music and flavors. In addition to regular events such as Saturday discos, we organize Friday dance parties in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the Bedford Latin Party. On Tuesdays there are regular salsa and bachata dance lessons run by native Latinos from Ecuador. Cyclical Reggae & Ska events are also organized by the English, who in a wonderful atmosphere play to the rhythm of music played from vinyl records.

In February, we organize a wonderful candlelit concert “Valentine’s Day play” with live music, a glass of wine and a heart-shaped pizza. Polish stand-ups and thematic events, such as Women’s Day or New Year’s Eve of the People’s Republic of Poland, also appear regularly. Together, we also watch important sports events with the participation of our compatriots. There are also business events, workshops, events for children and families, and charity events. Our facility is also conducive to the organization of large private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, communions and weddings. Over the years, there were also recitation competitions, theater and poetry events. During the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity we were visited by a large group of guests from Poland, incl. De Mono, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Zakopower, Poparzeni Kawą Trzy, PIersi, Czesław Mozil, Proletaryat, Norbi, Skiba, who is a huge fan of our House.

On the occasion of events, we also associate small companies run by Poles because we give them the opportunity to promote during our events. In addition to the events, we plan to start Polish language classes for adults and children (especially from mixed families) this year. An important point will also be workshops on personal development, various treatments and work with your own body. It is essential for physical and mental fitness, especially in such a difficult time. We are closely following government reports, online activities of the Polish community and we plan to resume the events as soon as the covid situation calms down.

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