Individuals and companies – each of us can contribute to the history of the Polish House Station. We see it as our duty to promote the survival of this historical place for the benefit of next generations. Guided by the belief that our children and grandchildren will be similarly using it as we are now. These are lifetime gifts so despite many changes let’s make sure that they do not wither away.

Mateusz Nawieśniak
& Piotr Parandowski

2 years of renovation and construction works

These two gentlemen offered voluntary work with great commitment and heart. It is unbelievable but true – they renovated both bathrooms, the Bar lounge, the Olive Room, the White Room and the Disco Room. There are no words to express our gratitude 

Marek Tyrka

4 Chesterfield sofas

The owner of MK Sofas donated 3 double + 1 triple sofas to the PHS. Manufactured in Poland, they are black, beautiful, stylish and very comfortable. You can see them in the Bar Lounge and Disco Room. More are displayed in the showroom at the back of the Polish House Station. Thank you  

Grzegorz Borowczyk & Justyna Lambach

TV Samsung 48"

The owners of ABS Lawyers – a British law firm with Polish service – handed over to PSH a Samsung TV which now hangs on the wall opposite the Bar. Together we watched the sports struggles of our national team during in Football Fan Zone. Thank you

Artur Aleksandrowicz

Vonyx wireless microphones

Mr. Artur is a mortgage adviser (07512425329) who is always involved where there is human decency required. Thanks to his donation we can provide fun, games and workshops during kids and adults events. Thank you