The Management

Aneta Kojadyńska - Managing Director

The proposal to run the Polish House came to me unexpectedly. I was just about to leave for Peru which was my main preoccupation at that time. It would be my first trip that I would do completely on my own and to such a remote part of the world. It was September 2018. That month Mr. Zbigniew Wereszczynski – the son of one of the founders of the Polish House – met me to say that the future of the Polish House was hanging in the balance with a good chance of the building being sold in the near future, in which case, the money would go to a selected charity organization (as stated in the original Articles of Association). Mr. Wereszczynski made me an offer I could not refuse as it would mean the end of the history of the Polish House, as well as the dreams of people who fought for their freedom and survival. I felt obliged to fight for the survival of our Polish community centre not merely as a tribute and to show respect for their work, courage and unwavering love for the Motherland, but also beinf painfully aware of the new necessites of post-Brexit England, where the Polish House Station is to act as a protective umbrella for people who need help, advice, integration and support.

Tomasz Zienkiewicz

I was offered a job at the Polish House Station by Aneta Kojadyńska whom I had known for several years. The place’s captivating history, Aneta’s determination and the prospect of being a part of those many challenges we would faced to help the Dom Polski Station meant that I couldn’t have acted otherwise but take up this challenge and join the team. It is a full-time job (or even two). That’s why in my free time I can only find a moment to ride my MTB which is my passion.
At the Dom Polski Station, I am the Facilities Administrator. My tasks revolve around ensuring the proper functioning of the whole facility. These include  technical inspections, renovation and conservation works, failure removal, taking care the entire area is safe and clean.

Andrzej Gąsienica

My adventure with the Polish House in Bedford began in 2009 and continues until this day. Despite all the ups and downs, it is the most beautiful adventure of my life – especially now. For over two years I have been part of the team creating the new Board of Management where the right people sit in the right places. 
For me, the Polish House Station is not merely a building, it is also the heart and soul of the Polish community in Bedford, and the walls of this place still sing the beautiful history of the Poles in exile.

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